Saturday, December 11, 2010

Results of the 4th Deaf Deaf Bowling Championship

300 Perfect Game Sheng-Fu Hsieh (Chinese Taipei)

300 Perfect Game Youngwook Seo (South Korea)

 All Event Gold - Chinese Taipei Sheng-Fu Hsieh,  
Silver - South Korea Seongjo An,
 Bronze - South Korea Jonghoon Ham
All Events  Gold - South Korea Taisoon Kim, 
Silver - Chinese Taipei Yao-Chien Chang, 
Bronze - Chinese Taipei Shu-Min Huang

Pride of SDEAS, Lovella Catalan bagged Silver and Bronze Medals

Men's Single Winners

Men's Team  Gold - South Korea, Silver - Chinese Taipei, Bronze - Philippines

Top 8 in the master final-men's

Top 8 in the Women Master Final

Women's and Men's Single

Men's Master Final

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