Monday, February 14, 2011

An-yŏng-ha-se-yo: SDEAS in Korea

 From February 13 to 18, 2011, four (4) Deaf students and three (3) faculty of DLS-CSB SDEAS are invited to a cultural exchange  project with Ilsan Vocational Competency Development Center (IVCDC). 
IVCDC is under the Korea Employment Promotion Agency for the Disabled (KEPAD) a private organization that offers help to the welfare of PWD’s in South Korea.
Here are pictures that they sent on their Day 1 activities :    
February 14- Welcome and Happy Valentines :) KEAD IVCDC welcoming party with SDEAS group. They gave us flowers and candies. The flowers were made of soap

February 14-Flowers from soap

SDEAS group with first Deaf Korean priest. 
The group attended a Deaf Mass presided by the Deaf Korean priest.

This project is supported by the Nippon Foundation through PEN-International and DLS-CSB VCA office through the SDEAS Dean. 
The purpose of this year’s cultural exchange is to provide an opportunity for the students and faculty to deepen their knowledge of other cultures that will help them develop their potentials, understanding and will contribute to improving their lives for the future.
Pen-International hopes that through such cultural exchanges the Deaf learn from each other and bring back what they have learned to share with their respective schools. In the past, SDEAS had exchanges with Japanese and Korean Deaf students. 

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