Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Benildean Deaf Association: Deaf Student Organization Deserving the Award

Bahaghari Award 2012 was attended by Mae Zhiela Antenor (Vice President for Internals), Jesusa Nofies (Assistant Secretary), Michael Lopez (Secretary), and Roejen Fernandez (Board Member)

By Michael Lopez

The Benildean Deaf Association constantly made a visual impression in the yearly Bahaghari Awards in which recognition was presented to deserving student leaders, student organizations, student projects/ activities, student volunteers and students organization faculty advisers under the DSL – SIO (Department of Student Life- Student Involvement Office) who have excelled in the field of extra-curricular activities, provided service and has served as examples of the Benildean Core Values.
In the recently concluded Bahaghari Awards last March 27, 2012, Benildean Deaf Association was awarded as the third of the three most outstanding student organizations. BDA Dental, Medical, and Legal Mission for the Persons with Disability whose project manager was Roejen Fernandez, Board Member was the most outstanding service or outreach project among the hearing student organizations. This award is the same as President Rodolfo Iligan, Jr’s Deaf organization received last year. Ms. Febe Sevilla was awarded for the invaluable contribution and service as a student organization faculty adviser.

Patrick Silver was awarded for the Bronze International Award for the Young People during Bahaghari Awards.

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