Thursday, July 5, 2012

Benildeans Watch Senate Decision on CJ Impeachment

Since January 16, 2011, the Center of Partnership and Development (CPD) under the School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is setting up two TVs, a big one and a small one, outside the CPD office every Mondays to Thursdays at two in the afternoon inside the Taft Campus.  Many Benildean administrative officers, faculty, staff, and students are passing by the PEN-MLC hall to watch the ANC TV with interpreting insets for five months.

Until now, not only Benildeans but also several people outside the CSB and the Deaf Filipino community nationwide sit around the PEN-MLC hall area to watch Studio 23 with Sign Language Interpreter insets, Mr. John Xandre Balisa and Ms. Catherine Joy "Joi" Villareal.

Last May 29, 2012, everyone gathered around to watch the end of the Corona impeachment with the verdict of guilty, and the speeches of the senate judges telling their decisions of whether acquit or convict to the Chief Justice, giving the final result of 20 senate judges who convicted and 3 senate judges who acquitted the Chief Justice. Finally, Renato Corona is proven guilty of the statements and violations against the law and is no longer the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 

Benildeans are finally happy that this has already passed and they would like to thank the Sign Language Interpreters who are always willing to work and serve at ANC TV and also the ABS-CBN for the opportunity of opening the interpreting inset in ANC TV and during the Chief Justice trial in Studio 23.

by Mackie Calbay
edited by Marina Viktoria De Los Reyes

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