Monday, October 15, 2012

Press Conference on FSL Bill

In a press conference last September 4, 2012, ACT Teachers' Cong. Tinio introduced Deaf representatives and Organizations to Assistant Secretary Umali, from Legal Affairs of the Department of Education. 

Deaf Representatives of Philippine Federation of the Deaf discussed issues and concerns in reference to the hiring of Deaf teachers and in relation to the deaf education. Another meeting as such is set up for the near future.  

In the said press conference for House Bill 6079, "An act declaring Filipino Sign Language as the national sign language," 1:30 pm, Media Center, Batasan Pambansa, Q.C. Hon. Tinio introduced and presented the following advocates for Deaf rights: John Xander Balisa, President of Philippine National Association for Sign Language Interpreter (PNASLI); Rey Alfred Lee, President of Philippine Federation of the Deaf (PFD); Dr. Liza Martinez, Director of Philippine Deaf Resource Center (PDRC); and Mackie Calbay, Deaf Advocacy Program Coordinator, School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB SDEAS). Sign language interpreting was provided by Natividad "Naty" Natividad and Jojo Esposa Jr. In addition, a two students from Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf College of Technology, other Deaf Leaders and members of the Deaf community attended the press conference to show their support to the House Bill.  

HB 6079 also mandates the use of FSL in public services, government transactions, and the creation of standards and institutions for FSL interpreting, said Cong. Tinio.

Cong. Tinio also stressed that the " Filipino Sign Language Act of 2012" is based on the rights of Deaf learners to their own culture and identity, and to inclusion in school and society. The bill was crafted upon close consultation with representatives of the Filipino Deaf community, who joined Hon. Tinio in calling for its immediate enactment.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde supports House Bill 6079: "An Act Declaring Filipino SIgn Language as the National Sign Language of the Filipino Deaf and the Official language of Government in All Transaction Involving the Deaf, and Mandating its Use in Schools, Broadcast media, and Workplace."

Filipino Sign Language is recognized by Benilde and is used as a medium of instruction for Deaf students. it requires faculty members handling Deaf classes to learn Filipino Sign Language; provides competent and professional interpreters to those who are still beginning signers. 

"PDRC was the first to research regarding the system and structure of Filipino Sign Language a decade ago certainly supports the House bill 6079 for that the reason; we use of  FSL in our daily conversation in schools, broadcast media and workplace," said Dr. Martinez.

"PNASLI have the code of ethics to inform all the member of sign language interpreters to translate in Filipino Sign Language; they can understand as well." said, John Xander Balisa.

We support the House Bill 6079 and have pride in our own natural sign language which is Filipino Sign Language. With hands raised up, Mabuhay ang FSL!

Jojo Esposa Jr and Two Deaf students from MCCID

A new team of PNASLI

PFD's big heart and goal to work together and journey towards the future.

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