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ReDEAFine 2013: An Applied Deaf Studies Exhibit in Glorietta 5

ReDEAFine: An Applied Deaf Studies Exhibit 2013

September 20 to 22, 2013
Glorietta 5, Ground Floor Hallway, Makati City

Faculty supervision by 
Teresa Quintanilla (Hearing) and Diana Pria Baña (Deaf)

Featuring the works of 

Business Entererpeneurship 
Adrian Bugay I Aprilyn Bornilla I Arcilla Libre I Armhel Ganotice I Christine Tenorio
Emmanuel Jabrica I Hannah-Lynne Candalura I Justine Javier I Jennilyn Cabundoc
Jesusa Nofies I Lyka Cruz I Mae Anenor I Mary Samarista I Michael Lopez I Nerissa Antonio 
Rucel Almario I Sabrina Ventingan I Samantha Fajatin

Computer Graphics
Abigail Ablaza I Angelica Abayan I Dan Perez I Grace Pico I Jamilla Ortiz I Jennifer Antonio
Mark Lagyo I Jomer De Luna I Lisette Dela Cruz I Mark Rimando I Morly Canta
Nathaniel Macariola I Vanessa Dela Cruz I Nicolaus Alferez I Remick Anson
Rodolfo Jimenez I Isabel Cabbab I Yobbo Garcia I Yves Cadena I Zaneta Franada

All are invited to the Exhibition Opening Reception on last Friday, September 20 at 7pm.

Deaf Students brought their parents and friends to visit the exhibit
at Glorietta 5 in Makati City.

This special exhibit highlights the best works of the graduating students of the Bachelor in Applied Deaf Studies Program 

All smiles at the registration and refreshments table

The event was hosted by students Morly Canta and Mae Zheila 

Opening prayer by Lan Carreon Kimura.

The Philippine National Anthem in FSL was led by Rosevie Samarista

Welcome Remarks by Project Head Ma. Isabel Cabbab 
who thanked everyone for their support and hard work 

Deaf students: "An access to education help develop our skills and want everyone
 to be aware that we can be professionals in the future too."

Deaf students and alumni continue to believe in themselves because they experience personal growth through perseverance and hard work.

Inspirational Message from Dean Maria Veronica T. Perez  of SDEAS.

SDEAS Faculty Members Diana Pria Baña and Teresa Quintanilla participate 
in the ribbon cutting ceremony and exhibit launch.

Dean Maria Veronica T. Perez, Diana Pria Baña and Teresa Quintanilla

They were excited to see the products of their projects and thesis.

It's a pleasure to register in the guest book.

The souvenir booklet is a collection of their projects in detail.

Multimedia projects were also in display

This parent was so excited to take pictures in the exhibit. 
She was very happy for her Deaf daughter.

Mr. Romeo Catap, Jr.(School of Design and Arts), 
Dean Maria Veronica T. Perez and Teresa Quintanilla.

 People enjoy going into the Photo booth.

Deaf Students from the Business entrepreneurship track were in charge of refreshments.

Younger batches who attended the exhibit were inspired to improve their work and prepare for their own event in the future.

Hearing guests learn more about Filipino Sign Language.

Dean Maria Veronica T. Perez and Yobbo Gracia discussing her photos.

Writing notes of congratulations for the committee

Deaf Students taught Hearing guests how to use the sign Alphabet. 

Computer Graphics and Business entrepreneurship Deaf exhibitors 
worked together for the success of this event.

Mr. Remeo Catap and Mr Ferdinand Vizmanos talk about how proud they are of their students.


Congratulations! Animo Benilde!

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