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Deaf Community: Inspire Change, Be Extraordinary

Last March 21-22, 2014, the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS) hosted its first Deaf education, the National Deaf Leadership Summit. It celebrated the college's 25th anniversary by INSPIRING CHANGE and showing EXTRAORDINARY Deaf.  The school has been a pool of developing Deaf leader-advocates who work with society in pushing   for the full realization of deaf rights. The celebration hosted a series of events at the School of Design and Arts Theater, SDA Building, DLS-CSB.

SDEAS invited the World Federation for the Deaf president, Mr. Colin Allen, as the main resource speaker for the major events.  A deaf regional and national leader has also been invited to the occasion.  

There were three major events that took place, and first was a seminar entitled "Inclusive Deaf Education." There were 280 attendees from DLS-CSB faculty, staff, students and high school teachers and visitors.  Mr. Allen discussed about Bilingual Education. The next seminar was about the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. Mr. Allen also discussed about equality, accessibility, and human rights for Deaf people. More than 300 Deaf representatives, college students, high school teachers, and leaders from different regions all over the the Philippines had joined to attend the talk. The second day of the Deaf Leadership Summit was all about gathering present and future Deaf leaders that reached more than 450 participants. 

The two-day event was also punctuated with social events as a way of networking and socialization between hearing and deaf people such as the Silent Cocktail which was attended by selected Deaf leaders and students with faculty members, Hearing companies, and partners. Talking was not allowed during the cocktails. The Farewell Dinner was also attended by special guests, Deaf representative students, leaders from different regions in the Philippines and another group of sign language interpreters. 

The Inspire Change, Be Extraordinary opening. Getting ready to fall in line for registration.

10 selected National Deaf members of the organizations showed the exhibits hosted by Philippine Federation of the Deaf 

Inclusive Deaf Education
March 21, 2014
10:30 - 12:00nn
SDA Theater, SDA Campus

More than 280 people attended the Inclusive Deaf Education.

SDEAS Silent Steps: National Anthem

Ms. Naty Natividad, a host of the Inclusive Deaf Education seminar

WFD President Colin Allen sharing in the Inclusive Deaf Education

Ms. Olive Lintag, a teacher from Manila High School, asked about the differences between Mainstream and Inclusive

The SDEAS dean gave a token as a gift to WFD President Colin Allen after his speech in Inclusive Deaf Education. These tokens are from the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor-Learning Information Systems, and Services, Ms. Vicky Dayao.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities
March 21, 2014
1:30 - 3:30pm
SDA Theater, SDA Campus

Leonides Sulse, Chairperson of SDEAS Center for Academics,  gave the welcome remarks and introduction of the speaker

Michael Vea, host of the UNCRPD seminar 

Leo Cortez, Director of DLS-CSB Center for Social Action

Mackie Calbay, Deaf Advocacy Program Coordinator of School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies, delivered the Introduction of WFD President Colin Allen for the UNCPD seminar

"These are your rights." - WFD President Colin Allen

WFD President Colin Allen, together with sign language interpreter Catherine Joy Villareal, discussed about Equality for Deaf People. 

Rebecca Ladd, Australian Sign Language Interpreter, voiced the sign language translated by WFD President Colin Allen. 

Raymond Manding, Deaf Benildean Alumni and Secretary of Deaf Boholano Society, asked about the accessibility and support services in Deaf Education.

Christopher Amomonpon, president of Lapu-Lapu Deaf Association in Cebu City, asked a question related to the UNCRPD

Mariah Agbay, president of Philippine Federation of the Deaf Youth Section, supported the explanation to Christopher's question

Ms. Nicky Templo-Perez, the SDEAS Dean, gave her closing remarks during the UNCRPD seminar.

Bayani Generoso and John Xandre Baliza, Sign Language Interpreters for the Filipino Deaf Audience

WFD President Colin Allen, with sign language interpreter John Xandre Baliza, talked about Equality Deaf People.

A souvenir picture with SDEAS students

A souvenir picture with SDEAS senior students

A souvenir picture with DLS-CSB staff and teachers

A souvenir picture with Deaf Leaders from different regions all over the Philippines

A souvenir picture taken with Sign Language Interpreters

A souvenir picture taken with SDEAS family

Welcome to the Silent Cocktail 
March 21, 2014
Vatel Restaurant, Benilde Hotel

Nicole Anne Marie Magpayo, host of Silent Cockail 

Prayer from SDEAS Silent Steps 

SDEAS Silent Steps: Itik Itik  music by: Folk Dance Philippines 

SDEAS Silent Steps: "Anak" Song by: Freddie Aguilar

Fellowship with Deaf and Hearing community

Communication with Hearing friends and community using Sign Language and Writing

This event shows how Hearing community is immersed within Deaf world. The Hearing group communicated, not with voice, but with gestures, sign language, and writing to WFD President Colin Allen and SDEAS Dean Nicky Templo-Perez.

Bro. Dennis Magbanua, President of DLS-CSB, shared his message for the WFD President Colin Allen.

WFD President Colin Allen's response to the message of Bro. Dennis Magbanua and to the audience

Oscar Sherlo Reyes, who organized the Silent Cocktail of Inspire Change, Be Extraordinary, met Dougie and his sign language interpreter from US Embassy

  SDEAS Dean Nicky Templo-Perez shared her appreciations

Saying "I Love You"

Deaf Leadership Summit
March 22, 2014
SDA Theater, SDA Campus

Good time with the Discovering Deaf Worlds Executive Director, Davin Searls, Registry of Interpreter for the Deaf Executive Director, Shane Feldman, and WFD President Colin Allen with Australian Sign Language interpreter, Rebecca Ladd

SDEAS Silent Steps: National Anthem

Deaf Leadership Summit hosts Miss Jessel Ariola and Mr. Leonides Sulse

Mackie Calbay
Coordinator, SDEAS
Center for Partnership and Development
Deaf Advocacy Program

More than 450 attendees

Colin Allen's lecture about "Changing World and the Role of Deaf Youth and Leaders"

Current Situation of the Deaf Filipino Community
Rey Alfred Lee
President, Philippine Federation of the Deaf

Messages of Support
Davin Searls
Executive Director, Discovering Deaf Worlds

 Messages of Support
George Lintag
General-Secretary, Philippine Federation of the Deaf

John Xandre Baliza, Coordinator of Educational Interpreting Program of SDEAS, voice interpreter for the Deaf Leadership Summit.

Winner of T-Shirt Design "Inspire Change, Be Extraordinary"

Ms. Teresa Quintanilla, Coordinator of Computer Graphics, awarded the winning design to Jommer de Luna, Deaf Benildean Alumni

SDEAS Silent Steps: Deaf Blazer Squad

"Brave" from Dulaany Tahimik ng Pilipinas

Various Deaf Achievers Presentation collected by Rowella Tanjusay-Par

Mr. Arisel Lobo
DLS-CSB SDEAS, General Education Faculty

Mr. Raphael Vergel de Dios Domingo
Center for Education Access and Development, Education Access for the Deaf 

 Ma. Rowena Rivera
Coordinator, Filipino Deaf Women's Health and Crisis Center

Plen-Tsarina Bautista
Former President, Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children

Plen-Tsarina Bautista presenting the mission of the Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children Organization

"Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangender"
Henry Perey
President, Pinoy Deaf Rainbow

Pinoy Deaf Rainbow President Henry Perey on discrimination being experienced by the Deaf LGBT community

"Gabriela Silang"
Catherine Joy Patriarca
from Dulaany Tahimik ng Pilipinas

"Leadership & Service"
Hazel Bual
National Representative for the Deaf
National Anti-Poverty Commission

"Leadership & Service"
Jessie Susan Flores
Treasurer, Dumaguete Effata Association of the Deaf, Inc

"Leadership & Service"
Treasurer Jessie Susan Flores of the Dumaguete Effata Association of the Deaf, Inc. shared the projects and programs of their organization.

Bronson Escalderon
Service Associate, Human Resource
Makati Shangari La Hotel

Jennifer Pingol
Customer Service Consultant
ANZ Global Service and Operation

Dulaang Tahimik ng Pilipinas: "Change the World"

We can change the World
WFD President Colin Allen and PFD-Sustainability Sub-Committees

Message for The Challenge ahead...
Maria Veronica Templo-Perez

A great souvenir picture taken during the Inspire Change, Be Extraordinary events

Farewell Dinner with Deaf Leaders

Taking inspiration from its students who are mostly full or partial scholars of the College, SDEAS envisions itself as a leading learner-centered educational institution in Deaf Education that promotes equal access to opportunities and addresses the diverse needs of its students and professionals.

SDEAS champions Filipino Deaf Identity and culture through its academic offerings, formation programs, and by forging partnerships between the Hearing and Deaf community. Deaf individuals are trained to become competent leader-advocates for the Filipino Deaf community and in the workplace.

The School believes and supports the Deaf community and aims to empower the Deaf youth to become highly competitive and bring value-laden Deaf Benildeans to the national and international stage.

Article by: Mackie Calbay
Edited by: Marina Viktoria De Los Reyes

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