Sunday, January 16, 2011

For The Kids 2011

The FTK is an annual mini-Olympics made especially for children with special needs including the Deaf. Back in 1986, it began as a small project organized by the DLSU-Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA) in partnership with the University’s Physical Education Department. They pulled off the first event with 50 participating kids from different centers and SPED schools.

Now in its 21st year, FTK is a source of inspiration not only for the Kids but for the Kuyas and Ates as well.

The Deaf Student of SDEAS volunteer for the event to be able to guide guide the kids to do their best and pursue dreams.

He can't see everyone but he can feel everything
and hear music while he is singing on stage.

Deaf volunteer teaching Deaf child how to text.

Deaf child, while waiting for his Kuya/Ate draws on sand.

Deaf volunteers introduced their deaf kids to each other.

Deaf volunteer, Eugene Sordilla, teaching
how to throw ballinto the basket.

Piggy back ride on Kuya.

Deaf volunteers push Deaf kids to try and aim for the Gold!

Deaf kids in a race.

Ball throwing.

Deaf volunteer and kid running to get mentos candy
with mixed marshmallow in bowl.

SDEAS volunteers and kids: " A day well spent."

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Reymark said...

A Big Thanks For SDEAS volunteers :D See You Next Year