Wednesday, January 12, 2011

“A Very Overwhelming Experience”

By: Patrick Silver Padao

“A very overwhelming experience” is what I reply when asked how I feel everytime my friends, classmates, teachers and SDEAS family talk to me about last week’s school events.
It all started when Mr. Geronimo “Gerry” Elle, Chairman of the Young Hotelier’s Exposition came to SDEAS to invite participants to the Seminar/Workshop in Table-Setting and Coffee-Making.
As Dean Letty Delarmente of SHRIM explained, the workshop will culminate in a competition among selected participants from SDEAS and students from the School of Hotel and Restaurant Institution Management (SHRIM) a part of the Young Hoteliers Exposition.

Mr. Elle came to invite(originally) only 3 students from SDEAS for the event but there were 6 of us who signified interest which he gladly accepted. Our seminar/training was scheduled on November 6,8,10 and 13th. Through the help and support of the SDEAS Dean Nicky Templo-Perez and the former Dean, Ma’am Theresa B. Dela Torre, all systems “GO” for the 6 SDEAS student/participants.

To make things easier for us, Deaf students, Sir gave us a hearing partner. My partner was Mr.EJ de Leon. He coached and assisted me.

He taught me everything I needed to know starting with the utensils(when to use, how to use, how to clean); the ingredients(how to measure, when to use); how to mix and make the concoction; that concoctions should be done in less than 8 minutes and most importantly, is to enjoy what I am doing and not to forget to smile and show that I’m having fun while doing it.
During the workshop, my first try to make a coffee concoction lasted for 9 minutes(which is a minute off). The second time I made it, it took me 8 minutes(still off-time because I have to finish it in less than 8 minutes). It took me several tries and practices to make it within the allowed time.

EJ kept reminding me to practice and that I should never let nervousness or should I say, the “jitters” eat me up. I worked hard to master my piece until “Judgement Day” came.

It was last November 18,2010(Thursday) when the Classic Coffee Competition was held at the 2nd floor of the International Conference Center of DLS-CSB. That morning when I woke up, I was starting to get nervous but at the same time very excited for the event. I began my day with my morning prayers and uttered a short prayer for guidance and confidence more particularly, during the competition.

At the competition proper, there were hearing students, all from HRIM. Of course, in attendance were the former Dean, Ma’am Theresa Dela Torre and Dean Nicky Templo-Perez to show their support (thank you for being with us all the way).
Among us Deaf students, the first to perform was Almira Tuazon, I was next and Ria dela Cruz was last.
The pointers my coach/mentor/partner EJ de leon taught me kept on repeating in my mind and several factors helped keep my confidence up not to mention the support that the SDEAS family is giving us plus of course, the love and support of my own family(though they were not physically present during that time). I was very confident that “THE DEAF CAN” moreso when my mother text me”If others can do it, why can’t you?” and these were the exact words that carried me through.

When the time came(competition proper) and I saw myself infront of so many people(watching every move I make). I checked everything on the table in front of me (as my coach EJ said), I saw to it that everything that I would need for my coffee concoction is there and I started my piece: CHOCO-VANILLA HAZELNUT with the smile on my face that lasted throughout, showing faith and confidence in myself. I moved with the beat of the music to show that I enjoyed every bit, every second of what I was doing on that stage infront of all the SHRIM students, some of my Deaf friends, classmates, SDEAS representatives and the judges.

My concoction took a little more than 7 minutes to finish and so I beat the clock. I was so glad the audience loved how I did my coffee concoction by clapping their hands (most of them doing the sign language for clap). EJ told me that what I did was cool, that my hard work really paid off and that I really did very good.

The following day, November 19, was the awarding ceremony. Again, attended by the SHRIM students and some of my Deaf friends/classmates, SDEAS representatives(including Mr. John Baliza, who was interpreted for us) and the judges, all three(3) of us Deaf contestants were present. First awarded was the Third Placer who came from the SHRIM.

I was proud and happy when they called out my name as the First Placer in the Classic Competition! I was really very happy. I made it, proving to everyone else there that really THE DEAF CAN. It’s a big honor for me to have contributed to the SDEAS family and the Deaf community.

I also made my mentor EJ de leon very proud and of course, my family. And I am really very thankful to all (including SDEAS family, the Deaf community) for their support, trust and confidence in me and to Mr. Gerry Elle for the chance. But most of all, I know I made my Creator, the very good Lord, happy because it is, first and foremost, for His glory! Thank you so much Lord for giving me the opportunity to prove to everyone that the DEAF CAN!!!!

Three Deaf students joined the Coffee Competition last November 18, 2010. The Competition was part of the 12th Young Hoteliers Exposition, a project of the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (SHRIM). The students prepared 3 coffee concoctions all under 8 minutes. Patrick won first and Ria dela Cruz won second place in the classic Coffee Competition. Team Beach Summer composed of Almira Tuazon, Encar Garcia, Dan Lester Perez, Rucel Almerio and MAricel Murillo won second place in the Table Set-up with Menu Card competition.
SHRIM is working closely with CEAD and SDEAS to plan out and implement the institutional direction towards the integration of Deaf students in their school. Through the guidance and support of PEN-International, a global network of colleges and universities serving the higher education needs of deaf students ( A select number of CSB administrators from SHRIM and the CSB Hotel learned from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) the different programs and services provided to Deaf students who are studying in RIT's self-contained courses in National Technical Institute for the Deaf (one of the 7 -- please verify Colleges of RIT) and those who are mainstreamed in the other colleges.

Beginning SY 2009-2010 a great number of SHRIM administrators, faculty, staff and students have begun learning FSL from SDEAS' FSLLP program and have ventured on providing various learning opportunities, such as the one participated in by Patrick Silver, to help expose faculty members on the rigors and rewards of teaching the Deaf students; provide selected Deaf students in SDEAS's Entrepreneurship program opportunities to develop basic competencies in HRM that they may use for personal or career improvements; and help the SHRIM population to recognize and be appreciative of the presence of Deaf people as part of the SHRIM campus community.

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teya said...

Patrick Padao was a product of Maria Lena Buhay Foundation and SAID and as one of his teachers I am very proud of him for where he is now. I would like to thank CSB for bringing out the best from all of their students. I salute you!! (Teya Paulino)