Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hundreds March to Congress to Support House Bill 6079

Update of House Bill 6079 in International Sign Language
Last November 5, 2012, around 300 PWDs, advocates, supporters, students, and professionals from different walks of life joined the rally march from Philcoa to the Commission on Human Rights in support of House Bill 6079 also known as the Filipino Sign Language Bill

From the powerful speech by Dr. Liza Martinez, Persons with Disabilities, Deaf Leaders to the strong message by Congressman Tinio the packed audience inside the Commission on Human Rights felt a sense of unity in coming together towards the same goal.With media interviews and coverage, the group then proceeded to the House of Representatives to attend the Technical Working Groups discussion on FSL definition, FSL vs ASL comparisons and further analysis of the FSL Bill hoping to come to a conclusion with the SEE group regarding statements included in House Bill 6079

 Deaf Students Love FSL and are proud of their Deaf Identity and Language.

 Other PWDS show strong support for FSL and the DEAF community.

 The Deaf People's Rally for FSL and Human Rights.

About 300 people march from Philcoa with a line stretching as far as the eye can see.  

 Mobility concerns do not keep supporters from joining the march to Congress. 

 PWDs band together to support the FSL Bill

PFD President Rey Alfred A. Lee lead group march to the House of Representatives

 Students, Professionals, and PWDs of all ages proudly show their support for House Bill 6079
More supporters of the FSL bill 
 Rep. Antonio Tinio supports FSL while addressing the media.

Rep. Antonio Tinio signs "FSL" 

 Cong. Tinio with the Deaf community

Sign Language Interpreting for the Deaf community outside connected from the Technical Working Group.  

  At the Plenary, House of Representatives

   At the House of Representatives

Mr. Reiner Blas interpreting at the Plenary,  House of Representatives 

 At the House of Representatives

 At the Commission on Human Rights 

 Congressman Tinio's speech at Commission on Human Rights

 Meeting with the Commission on Human Rights

 Mackie Calbay with Rep. Antonio Tinio show strong support for FSL 

This is just the beginning. We will continue to defend our Filipino Deaf Identity and Language.
We Love FSL!

There will be another meeting on November 19, 2012, at 1:30 pm, Mitra Bldg, 
House of the Representatives to continue the discussion on FSL definition 
and review of FSL statements of House Bill 6079.

Thank you to the Deaf Leaders, Schools, Organizations, PWDs and Hearing supporters, World Federation of the Deaf, National Association of the Deaf, and Discovering Deaf Worlds in America. We are also grateful to the Deaf members of different organizations for the powerful position papers, online petition signups, research papers, "Support House Bill 6079" pictures and videos.

We look forward to everyone's continued support.

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