Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TWG Part II in Batasan November 19, 2012

 Set up for the Technical Working Group

Dr. Liza Martinez discuss "FSL"

 Ricado Ma. Nolasco, Department of Linguistics

 TWG with sign language interpreters FSL and SEE

Rep. Antonio Tinio speaking about FSL and SEE

George Lintag in TWG

Raphy Domingo explaining about the respect for Deaf culture and FSL.
 Filipino Natural Sign Language, he says, is a human right and part of Deaf Identity

 Representatives from various schools for the Deaf SAID, MCCID, PSD , etc.
They are learning more about differences between FSL and SEE in TWG.

Dr. Martinez presents documents that prove FSL as the Deaf's own natural sign language and its history.

 Raphy Domingo explains more to Cresentec C. Paez

Mrs. Yolanda Capulong (Principal) Philippine School for the Deaf.

 Dr. Robert Mobley (Link Center for the Deaf)

 PFD President Rey Alfred A. Lee in TWG

 Discussion on the schedule of next week's meeting

End of TWG meeting

Rep. Antonio Tinio  meets with the Deaf community.

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