Monday, May 30, 2016

IAYP Adventurous Journey 2016

International Award for Young People Program

Adventurous Journey 2016

Venue: Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental

Activity Venue: Esteban Abada Memorial School (ERAMS) and 
Kabankalan National High School

Community Partners: Anawim Foundation for the Deaf, Inc. Esteban Abada Memorial School (ERAMS) and Kabankalan National High School, Office of Social Welfare 
Kabankalan City

Date: April 16-21, 2016

SDEAS IAYP Participants (10)

Gold Participant
  1. Kaila Camille Goboleo
Silver Participants
  1. Jerome Consstantino
  2. Judy Ann Violago
  3. Joshua Jhonald Sison
Bronze Participants
  1. Robelyn Arcangel
  2. Jennica Yongco
  3. Marvin Pagtalunan
  4. Emmanuel Bernardino
  5. Joshua Mhel Laher
  6. Rojan Gambong

Elementary Deaf Students: English, Math, FSL, Deaf Awareness, Arts and Sports

High School Deaf Students: Computer Education, FSL, Deaf Awareness, Sports

Parents: FSL, Deaf Awareness and Livelihood

Teachers: FSL, Deaf Awareness, Teaching Strategies and Religious Signing

Back to basics. Cooking dinner with wood and fire

Honoring 4 years of partnership with the Anawim Foundation for the Deaf, Inc. in Kabankalan City. Courtesy call to Br. Rod Ellyard, the Deputy Officer, together with Ms. Miladie Chia

Navigating the scorching streets of Kabankalan City

First Day Registration. Meet and greet the participants

Tired but Happy. Elementary Deaf students after a morning of sports and FSL class

Yummy Yemma. Parents had livelihood sessions like cooking yemma

Meet the characters in the story: Tiktaktok & Pikpakbum. Mga Kwento ng Aming mga Kamay (Stories of our Hands) Kabankalan Rendition

#ThankyouTeachers. The Teachers of Esteban Abada Memorial School (ERAMS) and Kabankalan National High School with SDEAS IAYP Participants

Making the story alive through FSL and drama… Chenelyn! Chenelyn! Mga Kwento ng Aming mga Kamay (Stories of our Hands) Kabankalan Rendition

It takes a village to raise a child. Thanking the Office of Social Welfare of Kabankalan City 
for their assistance. 

The tradition of pasalubong… Joshua carrying the box of donations for the Deaf students in Kabankalan.

Labor of Love. Rojan, Marvin and Joshua carrying the boxes of donations for the Deaf students in Kabankalan.

Out of their comfort zone. Students picking malunggay leaves for dinner.

This is volunteerism… Doing the menial tasks with patience and humility. Carrying fire wood for cooking.

This is service… Having the initiative to do the difficult work with patience and humility. Carrying the sack of rice for the group’s meals.

This is communion in mission… Working together to wash the dishes after every meal.

Appreciating Simple things…Parents livelihood session on spring roll cooking using locally available ingredients.

“When I grow up I want to be like you…” SDEAS IAYP students being teachers to Elementary students.

The element of fun… High School students learning how to play Volleyball.

At the end of the day, they can all still smile. SDEAS IAYP Participants (from L to R) Rojan, Judy Ann, Jerome, Emmanuel, Joshua Laher, Marvin, Robelyn, Jennica, Joshua Sison and Kaila.

This is creativity…Making use of materials available to teach FSL and Deaf Awareness to Parents.

This is safety and responsibility… teaching the students to warm-up correctly before playing sports to avoid injury.

The long way home… walking home from Kabankalan National High School.

The many skills of a Deaf Benildean… computers, arts and being resourceful with the limited resources available.

Reaching out to people especially those in need… Guiding a mother who has difficulty following the FSL lesson.

Experiencing the warm hospitality of Kabankalan… courtesy call with the Vice-Mayor.

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