Thursday, April 25, 2013

Seminar - Learning Session (Center for Education Access and Development)

Raphy Domingo gave an introduction for the day's Learning Session.

The following academic papers were discussed: 

"Classroom Technology and Constructivist Approach"
Mr. Leonides D. Sulse and Ms. Baby Ruth Reyes


"Understanding Some Deaf Issues &
Effective Ways on Teaching the Deaf"
Ms. Ma. Victoria Sakilayan and Mr. Ariscel Lobo

May Cabutihan, together with sign language interpreter Ms. Joi, 
introduced the presenters from the Teachers Education Institute.

Mr. Leonides D. Sulse explained how classroom technology helps in Deaf studies

The audience listened in rapt attention to the the speakers.

Ms. Ruth Reyes explained how technology might assist in implementing
 constructive strategies in the classroom.

Ms. Ruth also showed a video which highlighted how
classroom technology facilitates effective learning.

Audience members participated by asking questions.

Mr. Ariscel Lobo and Ms. Ma. Victoria Sakilayan teamed up for their presentation.

Ms. Victoria explained how the Deaf culture is acquired in the classroom teaching.

Mr. Ariscel proceeded to expound on why do a lot of Deaf people 
have difficulties with the English grammar. 

May Cabutihan awarded the certificates to the speakers.

The audience happily posed off at the end of the program 
after gaining a number of insights and learnings

Edited by: Marina Viktoria De Los Reyes

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